Sweets for the Sweet

Are you looking for something sweet for a special someone?  For yourself?  For an event? Cookies & Company is your answer!

We have a variety of cookies, cupcakes, squares and brownies that would be just the right fit for a baby shower, bridal shower, concert reception, office party, staff meeting or just because you want something sweet.

Cookies:  chocolavas, oatmeal with nuts/fruits/raisins/chocolate chips, pinwheel cookies, jam diagonals, orange or chocolate spritz cookies, and orange or chocolate sugar cookies

Biscotti:  cranberry orange, orange chocolate chip, lemon poppyseed

Squares & Brownies: peanut butter chocolate chip brownies, banana chocolate chip squares, banana nut squares, cheesecake brownies

Cupcakes: apple cinnamon, chocolate orange, chocolate caramel, vanilla orange

And more varieties on the way . . .