The C Notes

(Picture: C Notes June 2014)

This singing group is made up of a very small, select group of female singers (3 to 6 singers) who are interested in more of a musical challenge.  No matter how small the group, the C Notes continue to work on songs in two, three and sometimes four-part harmony.

The members of this group are dedicated to learning their harmony parts while still having fun during practices.  We work on a variety of styles of music including, but not limited to, classic pop/rock (The Beatles, The Everly Brothers, Linda Ronstadt), folk songs, foreign language folk songs, contemporary pop/rock and the occasional Broadway show tune.

New members are welcome to join in January and September of each year.

The C Notes meet on Tuesday evenings (6:30 to 8:30 p.m.) in the Oakridge/Langara area of Vancouver.

We meet every Tuesday from January to June and then from September to December.  We break for the summer to re-charge.  🙂


Membership fees are for the year (September to June) and are based on a full year commitment.

The membership fee for September to June is $600.00.  Fee payments are as follows:

$200.00 due at time of registration (September)
$200.00 due at time of registration (Sept.) by post-dated cheque, dated January AND
$200.00 due at time of registration (Sept.) by post-dated cheque, dated for March

For members who join the choir in January, membership fee for the term (January to June) is $400.00 ($200 due in January; $200 due in March).

New members are encouraged to drop in to the choir in January and/or September to try it out before committing to the year/term.

Drop-in fee:  $20.00


“Allison creates an environment in which it is truly fun to sing, and she encourages her singers to strive for excellence.  She provides gentle guidance to improve various aspects of singing . ..”   (singing student for 7 years)

“Her lively, intelligent teaching style allowed me to discover talents within myself that had been lying dormant for years. . . . Allison has consistently demonstrated a sense of passion when leading our class . . she encourages each member with an empathetic teaching style that allows us as individuals to develop at our own rate.”
(singing student for 6 years)

“I first met Allison in January of 2005 when I joined a night school course offered to all levels of singers, including beginners.  The group was made up of participants of varying degrees of singing experience.  Within just a few weeks, Allison was able to create a well blended group of voices . . .  With well blended voices we confidently put on a mini recital at the end of our course.”