About Us

Allison Berry grew up with music and dance practically all her life.  From the age of two she was taking piano lessons, at age eight she began ballet lessons and then later she took up tap dancing which became one of her passions

Allison’s first singing experience was also at the age of eight when she performed in her school’s musical, “Oliver”, as one of the “Londoners” and her love of singing was born.  Since then she has sung in choirs and performed in many musicals through high school, university and beyond.

Allison has a Bachelor of Education (secondary) with specialties in theatre and choral music.  She taught in the school system for a number of years before deciding to share her passion for music and dance by teaching adults – which she started doing in 1995.

In December 2000, Allison started her own caroling company, Season’s Singers.  Each year she hires six to eight singers and we get hired out to sing in trios at a variety of Christmas events.  Season’s Singers has had many successful Christmas seasons with clients including the Wedgewood Hotel, Holt Renfrew, Marine Drive Golf Club, Canadian Tire, Hart House Restaurant, False Creek Yacht Club and Urban Fare.  Our trios have also been performing at several retirement homes around the lower mainland as well as company Christmas parties at a variety of locations including the Vancouver Club, the Four Seasons Hotel and Monk McQueens.

In the spring of 2012 Allison started teaching herself how to play the ukulele which quickly became passion number 3!  She continues to perform as a soloist singing with the piano and now also the ukulele.  And she also performs in a duo, Harmony Honeys, singing a cappalle tunes as well as singing with the ukulele – always with lovely harmonies.

Today Allison enjoys participating in all varieties of musical endeavours.  She teaches singing and dancing, performs whenever she can and has produced two musical revues, “Girls Will Be Girls” (in September 2013) and “Girls Will Be Girls 2” (in September 2015).   She also put on a ukulele concert, “An Evening of Berry Picking” in the summer of 2017.