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I want to thank-you so much for all your help as you are a fabulous singing teacher and I loved your passion for music and life in general.

I really enjoyed your classes, and learned a lot.

Thanks for yet another great year of singing and a wonderful garden party Allison!

Thank you Alison. Great time as always - in choir -at performances -at parties.

Thanks Allison. I leaned a lot in the past year, and I look forward to September.

We were talking in the parking lot about how much we enjoy your class and that we’re learning more in your class than in the choirs we’ve been in.  So…thanks for working with us!

That was quite a breakthrough! I don’t know why the singing in smaller groups helped but it sure did for me  . . . Strange that it’s so hard to let the self-consciousness go, but if you can, you can hear yourself and make the changes needed to sound better.  Worked like that for me, anyway.  When I got home my husband and friends were jamming with guitars and I actually had the nerve to sing with them!

Allison, you're awesome.  Really, Allison, I am so impressed by how brave and talented and energetic you are, putting on these recitals, and performing yourself, and recovering so gracefully from our Oklahoma flub. (I think it made us all feel a bit more relaxed and confident!)

I've been meaning to tell you for a while how much I appreciate you and the choir- I am learning so much as well as having a good adult-fun break from my long, kid-filled days.

I will miss my private singing lessons with you as I love singing and you are an excellent  teacher and I also enjoyed the chats we had before the class.

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