Cabaret Night

Berry Entertaining's first production, "Girls Will Be Girls", was a rousing success!  The show was an entertaining romp through the trials and tribulations of love in a musical theater world with such songs as "The Love of My Life", "Always True To You In My Fashion" and "You Can't Get a Man With A Gun".

The three ladies started the show with a classic musical theater number, "And All That Jazz", which was followed by several solos and an ambitious rendition of "The Cell Block Tango" ("He Had It Coming") from Chicago performed by all three - acting as six.  "Cabaret" rounded out the show - closing the show with a bang - only to be followed by an audience requested encore! 


Solo Information

Allison has performed as a soloist (singing and playing the piano and/or ukulele) at retirement homes around the lower mainland since 2006 and over the years she has become one of the regularly requested performers at many of these homes.  She also performs at retirement parties and volunteer appreciation teas around the city.  Allison has also produced and performed in two musical revues and a summer ukulele concert.


Broadway Community Choir

(Picture: Broadway Choir June 2014)

New members are joining every term and have nothing but good things to say!

This fun co-ed community choir is for adult singers of all levels - no audition required.  Many members of this group have been singing with Allison for a number of years and continue to be dedicated to the group.

The goals of this group are to learn proper singing technique, to learn how to sing a bit of harmony, to learn how to blend voices with other singers and, most importantly, TO HAVE FUN!

This choir sings primarily Broadway show tunes with a few classic pop/rock songs thrown in for variety.  Our practices are lighthearted and we always round out the term with a fun-filled recital and reception for choir members, family and friends.

New members are always welcome to join the group in January and September.


The C Notes

(Picture: C Notes June 2014)

This singing group is made up of a very small, select group of female singers (3 to 6 singers) who are interested in more of a musical challenge.  No matter how small the group, the C Notes continue to work on songs in two, three and sometimes four-part harmony.

The members of this group are dedicated to learning their harmony parts while still having fun during practices.  We work on a variety of styles of music including, but not limited to, classic pop/rock (The Beatles, The Everly Brothers, Linda Ronstadt), folk songs, foreign language folk songs, contemporary pop/rock and the occasional Broadway show tune.

New members are welcome to join in January and September of each year.



(Picture:  tappers June 2014)


This year marks the 20th year that I've been teaching adult singing classes/groups/choirs and my 15th year as a dance instructor so it seemed like a good time to have a reunion recital!  And this recital was action packed!

Our Broadway Community Choir opened the show with a rousing rendition of 'Seventy-Six Trombones' which was then followed by a number of Broadway show tunes and some classic pop/rock like 'Don't Stop Believing'.  The current members of the C Notes were joined by some singers from last year to perform some of our more difficult songs ('And So It Goes', 'The Ash Grove', 'Compass' and 'Home On The Range').  Our newest C Notes' repertoire included a moving rendition of Beyonce's 'If I Were A Boy' and 'Danny Boy'.

It was a real treat to include two tap dance numbers in this recital.  I was joined by Rebecca Robb, a tap teacher from Australia this year and together we choreographed and performed two dances:  'More' and 'Walking My Baby Back Home'.

AB and Rebecca


December 8, 2014

The Broadway Choir, the C Notes and a small, energetic group of tappers put on another fantastic, fun-filled recital on December 8, 2014.  The C Notes performed some delightfully complicated harmonies in a couple folk songs and a classic pop song as well as Billy Joel's 'And So It Goes' and Lady Antebellum's 'Compass'.

The Broadway Choir brought life to some great musical theater songs including 'Everything's Coming Up Roses', 'I Whistle A Happy Tune' and 'Not While I'm Around'.  We had such a great response to 'Singin' In The Rain' at our last recital that we had to do it again - with tappers, again!  A hit, again.  As was 'Why Do Fools Fall In Love'.

Tappers entertained everyone dancing to The Beach Boys' 'Little Deuce Coup' and Bobby Darin's 'More'.

All singers closed the show with a rousing rendition of Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing'.

We're always grateful for everyone who comes out to support us and cheer us on at these recitals!  Looking forward to the next one.


June 16, 2014

The Broadway Choir and the C Notes recently put on a fabulous show in their summer recital on June 16, 2014.  The Broadway Choir opened the show with a rousing rendition of "Another Op'nin', Another Show" which was followed by a selection of classic musical theatre numbers and classic oldies with soulful harmonies, including Simon Garfunkel's "The Boxer" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water".  A couple of crowd favourites were "Singin' In The Rain" and "When I'm Gone" (also known as the Cups song) which had the added bonus of tappers!

Another sold out show with rave reviews!


December 9, 2013

The Broadway Choir and the C Notes had their winter concert on December 9, 2013.  It was a smashing success!  As always, it was a great variety of music from musical theatre to classic Beatles tunes.  The audience is already asking for our next recital!


News for Fall 2015!

Girls Will Be Girls II - September 27, 2015

What a fun night!  Lots of fun songs and a great audience!  I could not have asked for a better evening.  Thank you to everyone who came out to support me in this musical endeavor and in my efforts to raise some money for charity.  A success all the way around!  Video clips coming soon.

Exciting things are happening here at Berry Entertaining.  Keep reading to find out more!


News for January 2016!

Happy New Year!

Berry Entertaining had a great season of singing in December 2015 and now we're looking ahead to lots of exciting new things for 2016! Singing classes for beginners!  Choirs!  All female ensembles!  All male ensembles!  Tap classes for beginners!  Private lessons! Check it out!!


Tap Classes for All Abilities!

It looks like fun - it sounds like fun - it IS fun!  One class in your new tap shoes and you’ll be hooked!  Students will be introduced to some basic tap steps and simple dance routines.  Returning students will learn new steps to add to their repertoire.  Learn to tap in a fun, relaxed atmosphere with a friendly, patient instructor.

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